Download and Install

Get primate for your platform

Primate binaries are available for all major desktop operating systems including Windows, macOS and Linux.

The latest version can be obtained from

Alternatively, you can browse all releases here


Download the executable installer for Windows and run it.

Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.


Download the DMG image, double click and open the image to mount it.

A finder window containing two icons will be displayed. Simply drag the primate icon to the Applications icon.


On Linux based distributions, Primate can be installed as an AppImage, a Snap package or by downloading and extracting the tarball (tar.gz) archive.


Download the latest AppImage, move it to a desired location - preferably the /opt directory.

Make the AppImage executable and run it.

sudo mv Primate-v1.0.0-x64.AppImage /opt
sudo chmod a+x /opt/Primate-v1.0.0-x64.AppImage


Primate is available in Snapcraft. Most of the recent Ubuntu releases, KDE Neon, Manjaro and Zorin OS comes with Snap pre-installed. If your operating system does not have Snap setup, please read this documentation.

Tarball Archive

Alternatively, you can get Primate via tar.gz archive.

Download the latest tarball archive, extract it and move the contents to a desired location - preferably the /opt directory.

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